About Us

Our history

The company was founded by former National Security Agency (NSA) security experts who continue their passion for the industry by building a company dedicated to cyber security.  Since inception, we have specialized in adversary simulation, protection, and prevention. Our mission is: “To expedite the arrival of a secure cyberspace by outplaying the adversary.  Instilling security through expertise and innovation.”

S2 was originally founded by Bryce Kunz in 2014 as ThreatRoast LLC, and then re-organized in 2017 as Stage 2 Security LLC as the company evolved.  Through substantial investments in training, attending industry conferences, research and development, S2 operates at the height of our industry and working with the latest techniques and methods to provide our clients with a high degree of confidence and reliability in their information technology. 


Our name

The name Stage 2 (S2) represents our direct ties to cyber security and the history in which it was born specifically out of penetration testing.  S2 is a highly focused cyber company who can ensure our clients increase confidence in their technology solutions by knowing, preventing, and protecting their imminent risk. 


Moving into the future

In 2020, proven cyber security executives George McKenzie, Josh Nacol, and Jake Groth joined the leadership team to accelerate the growth trajectory of S2 into a market leading security business.  With the addition of the new executive leadership team, S2 entered the 2020's with a singular goal to OUTPLAY and WIN against our clients' adversaries.


S2 Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Stage 2 Security appreciates the diverse heterogeneous attributes, traits, beliefs, ideas, interests, challenges, and characteristics represented in our community. We recognize that we are a range of social, economical, educational, and professional backgrounds and of different genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, as well as thoughts and experiences. Embracing that uniqueness is key to understanding the human experience and expanding how we interpret the world around us. We aim to ensure that everyone in the S2 Community feels included and have the freedom to voice their ideas, concerns, and desires.