Protect Your Imminent Risk

environments using automation and orchestration tactics to defend at machine speed.  S2’s Adversary Protection services enable your business to HUNT and eradicate imminent risks to your mission using our combination of adversary and defender mindset, turning defense into offense.


Detection Led Approach

Stage 2 views content creation as an essential and central role in an organization’s overarching security program, with the technology architecture and staff there to support this anchor.  Whether delivering services on site or through our Managed Security Services, S2 focuses on a “detection led” approach to adversary protection.  This means we take our offensive security pedigree and apply it to developing hunting and automation content (e.g. detections and SOAR playbooks) and ensure the architecture and the data can support the detection. Our solutions >

Stage 2 Detection & Response (SDR)

The age of Security Industrialization is here, however many organizations currently lack the strategy, technology and talent to be able to address the many adversaries attacking them daily.  SDR combines best of breed monitoring and automation technologies, program management and subject matter experts to deliver a truly high fidelity turnkey security monitoring and response service. Our solutions >


Security Monitoring & Incident Response

A traditional Security Operations Center (SOC) does mostly manual assessment of threats as they come in, with most alerts not being investigated or remediated. There is rarely a prioritization of those alerts based on their Adversaries' TTPs. Leveraging Stage 2’s “detection led” approach, our analysts are focused on not only on monitoring and responding to our commercial and Government clients’ threats from their Adversaries, but also on creating security detection and workflow automations on their security tools to increase the effectiveness of their security monitoring and response program. Our solutions >


What We Provide


  • Security Content Development

  • Cyber Hunt

  • Incident Response

  • Security Monitoring

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

MSS Offerings

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Virtual SOC (vSOC)

  • S2 Detection & Response (SDR)

  • Incident Response


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