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Chief Strategy Officer

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Bryce Kunz loves researching red team techniques for bleeding edge Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc...) services. Currently, the founder & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for Stage 2 Security ( ), previously supported the NSA (network exploitation & vulnerability research), Adobe (built a red teaming program for cloud services), and DHS (incident response & hunt). Bryce holds numerous certifications (e.g. OSCP, CISSP, ...), has spoken at various security conferences (i.e. BlackHat, DerbyCon, BSidesLV, etc...) and teaches classes at BlackHat (e.g. AWS & Azure Exploitation).

Bryce Kunz built out a red teaming program at Adobe, a large tech company, where most of the top cyber security risks identified originated from a red team engagement. He has researched, developed, & delivered the content within the Black Hat course entitled: “Astute AWS/Azure/GCP Cloud Red Team - It's Raining Shells!”, where red teamers and penetration testers learn how to tailor their offensive operations to be much more successful within Cloud environments. This includes, learning how to exploit serverless (e.g. Lambda) applications for initial access, and then showing students how to leverage collected credentials to expand access within the Cloud environment by pivoting between the data & control planes for lateral movement. Lastly, he discovered some never before seen techniques for evading and disrupting cloud logging platforms (e.g. CloudTrail) to remain undetected during engagement.


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