Continuous Attack Surface Management

Discover Shadow IT with Continuous Attack Surface Management

Understand and improve your CyberFitness by performing continuous attack surface enumeration and testing. Allow your organization to tackle the problem of shadow IT. Through our cloud native integration testing we can quickly identify new assets and continuously report YOUR IMMINENT RISK. This enables security teams to focus resources on demonstrable IMMINENT RISK rather than vulnerabilities.


Why do quarterly or annual pentests when you can do them continuously?

Using our NSA expertise we infuse adversary techniques, tactics, and protocols into our continuous attack tool MAGE. MAGE performs automated and stealthy reconnaissance, scanning, target identification, and vulnerability identification as well as proof of concept exploitation capabilities. It can hand off information via our Pentest-as-a-Service for manual exploitation and custom exploit development using VooDoo automatically load exploits, escalate privileges, and perform  validation or lateral movement. As part of the service you receive ongoing assessments and detailed reports to satisfy audit requirements.

Test the effectiveness of your cyber resilience

Establishing a qualified and trained red team requires significant investment. Let MAGE be your Red Team as-a-Service amplifying your ability to test your organization. Sometimes offense is your best defense. Who better to simulate your adversary than those  who used to be the Adversary?


Your Adversary doesn’t do annual attacks why should you?

MAGE offers a suite of managed service options from full SaaS to advanced adversary simulations.  Each offering built on top of a cloud native integrated platform using techniques, tactics and protocols once only reserved for the most sophisticated adversary.  Continuously assess your environment, track remediation efforts, and know your IMMINENT RISK.


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