Protect Your Imminent Risk

environments using automation and orchestration tactics to defend at machine speed.  S2’s Adversary Protection services enable your business to HUNT and eradicate imminent risks to your mission using our combination of adversary and defender mindsets, turning defense into offense.

SMITE - Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

SMITE - Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The age of Security Industrialization is here, however many organizations currently lack the strategy, technology and talent to be able to address the many adversaries attacking them daily.  Stage 2’s SMITE MDR views content creation as an essential and central role in an organization’s overarching security program, with the technology architecture and staff there to support this anchor.  Whether delivering services on site, through our Managed Security Services or hybrid overwatch, S2 focuses on a “detection led” approach to protection.  This means we take our offensive security pedigree and apply it to developing advanced hunting and automation content (e.g. detections and SOAR playbooks), while also integrating tens of thousands of 3rd party detections into our SMITE platform.  SMITE MDR combines best of breed monitoring, automation and orchestration technologies, program management and subject matter experts to deliver a truly high fidelity turnkey managed security service. Our solutions >

SCRIBE - Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability Management is an essential tenet of good cyber hygiene and effective security programs.  Our SCRIBE Vulnerability Management Service will not only ensure you are compliant (e.g. PCI DSS, NIST controls, etc.), but we will prioritize findings based on likelihood of a compromise being successful and what you need to do to remediate those vulnerabilities, thus identifying and thwarting your imminent risk.  Additionally we take the traditional methods of assessing system and application vulnerabilities, and transform them to operate in the modern development process.  For example, we continuously scan images and configurations in the build phase of your CI/CD pipeline before you deploy them to production, while also assessing applications that are already deployed. Our solutions >

Protect against Shadow IT with Continuous Attack Surface Management

“Cloud Sprawl” happens when legacy IT systems and applications move to the cloud, without knowing or a management strategy for IT assets they have deployed.  The “cloud sprawl” problem is exacerbated with the increasing trend towards increased deployment velocity using Agile, DevOps and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), often using prebuilt vulnerable images.  Organizations need a cloud native security provider capable of keeping pace with the increased velocity and dynamic environments inherent with this domain.  Basic hygiene with static vulnerability management and quarterly penetration testing alone can’t keep up.  Stage 2 has developed platforms (MAGE and SMITE) to continuously monitor your organizations’ attack surface for asset enumeration, simulated breach & attack, vulnerability identification, and intrusions in real time to protect you from imminent risk. MAGE, combined with our Red Team as a Service (RTaas) and SCRIBE Vulnerability Management Services, can provide relentless protection and insights. Our solutions >


What We Provide

Managed Services

  • SMITE Managed Detection and Response

  • PenTest-as-a-Service

  • RedTeam-as-a-Service

  • Attack Surface Management as-a-Service

  • Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service

Use Cases

  • Container Security (Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker, Fargate/ECS, etc.)

  • Cloud Security (AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • SaaS Security (O365, GSuite, ZScaler, etc.)

  • LAN/WAN Security

  • Penetration Testing Requirements


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