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You’ve Come to the Right Place… Here’s Your Next Mission

Let’s see how we can protect you.


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Red Team as a Service

Your adversary doesn't attack once a year, so why do you test once a year? RTaaS provides continuous testing using adversary methods to uncover imminent risk.


Our Background

• Decades of cyber warfare experience

• Founded by former National Security Agency (NSA) security experts

• Specialize in adversary simulation, protection and prevention

• Sold-out trainings at BlackHat conferences around the world

How We Do It


Annual Assessment

Identifying risk requires more that scans of your IT environment.  S2 experts are focused on uncovering vulnerabilities and exploiting them in targeted networks, IoT devices, cloud, and web applications.


Attack Surface Management

The rise of cloud, microservices, containers, and SaaS made it increasingly difficult to identify and define your attack surface. S2 RTaaS will continuously perform OSINT and audit your borderless environment enabling you more information to protect it.


Red Teaming

Your adversary is sophisitcated and doesn't work on defined scope and timeline. The only way to defend is to continually mimic advanced attacks and test your defenses. S2 will move stealthily to discover deep security issues and sharpen your defenses.

Custom tradecraft and tools like VooDoo allow us to execute at any level of adversary sophistication to demonstrate what level of threat might be able to compromise your network. We offer the most advanced custom penetration tests developed on the market.

Schedule a brief call with our team of experts. 

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