Managed Detection and Response

Maximize existing Cyber Spend with our Flexible Architecture

The age of Security Industrialization is here, however many organizations currently lack the strategy, technology and talent to be able to address the many adversaries attacking them daily. Our secure cloud microservices approach to MDR uses cloud native vendors offering extreme flexibility in our delivery model, while also ensuring a consistent quality service. SMITE delivers 24x7 detection and response services no matter what security technologies you use, or where your existing cyber solutions are hosted (DataCenter, Cloud, Hybrid). S2’s SMITE MDR combines best of breed monitoring, automation and orchestration technologies, program management and subject matter experts to deliver a truly high fidelity turnkey cloud focused managed security service.


Detection Led

Stage 2’s “Detection Led” approach is how we can guarantee a consistent quality service while also allowing for flexible delivery models as we can push out our 2,000+ detections and harvest the output in a flexible way. SMITE views content creation as an essential and central role in an organization’s overarching security program, with the technology architecture and staff there to support this anchor. Whether delivering SMITE on a customer’s site, cloud, or through our fully hosted turnkey service, S2 adheres to the “detection led” TTP approach to protection. This means we take our offensive security pedigree and apply it to developing and procuring thousands of hunting and automation content (e.g. detections and SOAR playbooks) and ensure the architecture and the data can support the detection and remediation. This approach, especially when combined with our MAGE product, can add confidence in your monitoring fidelity.

Turn-key security for today and tomorrow’s cloud journey

SMITE MDR can consume all digital exhaust no matter the origination source (LAN/WAN/DataCenter/Cloud/Container) and proactively monitor using our “detection led” approach for YOUR Adversary. The “Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)” movement for transforming legacy IT applications to “native cloud” security containers and orchestrators opens up a new attack vector that requires domain knowledge to be able to assess and secure. Stage 2 knows how to do full lifecycle container security, from image scanning for vulnerability protection to container runtime security through realtime container security monitoring. Our platforms (MAGE & SMITE MDR) utilize a microservices approach with industry leading technologies (Terraform, Salt, Github, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.) for new code and security content deployment and service management.


XDR Managed Service Offerings


S2 expert SOC Analysts 24x7 or customized

SMITE- Light

  • S2 expert SOC Analysts 24x7 or Overwatch (M-F)

  • Utilizing S2's thousands of detections

  • Automated Response Actions

SMITE - Full

  • S2 expert SOC Analysts 24x7 or Overwatch (M-F)

  • Utilizing S2's thousands of detections enhanced with automated alert enrichment

  • Automated Response Actions

  • Log Aggregation

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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