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Hands-on Training Courses

CyberSecurity Elevated


Stay frosty with our cutting-edge hands-on trainings courses:

These fast-paced and hands-on courses teach each participant the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) needed to infiltrate and expand access within cloud platforms. 

In-House Trainings

Often our public offerings do not meet your client's busy schedules, luckily our team of experts are available to provide a private on-site training sessions to your organization. This is the best way for your team to get one on one time with the instructors and gain a deep understanding of the training content. We will provide all of the training materials, as well as laptops and classroom locations if needed. If you are interested, contact us now!

We provide these courses as in-house training for interested companies, organizations and/or groups. Our training was created to be applicable to:

  • Red Teamers & Penetration Testers

  • Blue Teamers & Security Professionals, who wish to see the offensive side

  • Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) & System Administrators, who work with cloud technologies

Please contact us to get the conversation going about having our stellar in-house training services!


We plan to offer these training courses online in 2020.


We offer these courses live at various locations & events:

  • London, UK; BlackHat Europe 2019 - December 2-3; AWS and Azure Exploitation - Making the Cloud Rain Shells!

  • (Tentatively) Salt Lake City/Lehi, Utah; December 12-13, 2019; AWS and Azure Exploitation - Making the Cloud Rain Shells!



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