There's a better operator in you.

Post Exploitation Platform

Voodoo is a platform for covert interactive cyber operations creating a force multiplier in your team's offensive operations. With an elegant multi-user graphical interface, your team will be stealthily accessing remote targets using techniques which were previously reserved only for the most sophisticated nations states in the world!

Post Exploitation Platform

Extraordinary Features

In-Memory Only Scripting Engines enabling easy loading of host specific tools in:

  • Python, C#, .NET, PowerShell


Cross-Platform Support:

  • x64/x86: macOS, Linux, Windows, etc.

  • ARM: iOS, Android, IoT, etc.

Execution from Memory:

  • Mach-O, Bundles, ELF, SO, PE, DLL

Stealthy and Feature Rich

Safely and intuitively pivot within the network using our fully automated OPSEC early warning system.

With a lightweight design, your presence will go unnoticed, enabling smooth operations within hardened environments.

Voodoo OPSEC Early Warning System

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