Voodoo Community Edition

Giving back to the community has always been a core principle at Stage 2 and as such we have a community version of Voodoo available for free to all.  This version does has some feature limitations but is still a very capable toolkit.

Community Edition Features

Target OS:

  • Linux

  • Windows


  • x64


Key Features:

  • Implant to Implant Comms (e.g. Lateral Movement / Routing)

  • Binaries Execution from Memory​

  • Memory Resident​

  • HTTPS w/ Custom Callback

  • TCP and UDP comms

  • Team Collaboration​

  • Automatic Surveying of Endpoints​

  • Monitoring of Process List & Netstat for OPSEC

  • Safe Guards & Alerts for Countermeasures

  • Callback Intervals​​ & Jitter

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Works Disconnected From The Internet​​

How do I use the Community Edition?

- Install docker on your OS
-- How To Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 18.04
-- How To Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

- Ensure all firewalls and/or security groups are allowing inbound TCP port 443 

- Find your current servers IP address:
$ curl ipcurl.net/n

- Start up the Voodoo CE Listening Post (LP):
$ sudo docker run -ti -p 443:443 cnoio/voodoo_ce
Enter first username: admin
Enter password: apassword
Reenter password: apassword

- Browse to https://ip.ip.ip.ip/
- Accept Certs
- Login w/ creds previously set
- Enable MFA w./ the Google Authenticator App on your Mobile phone
- And you should now be good to go!

Alternatively, here is the code to setup Voodoo by hand: By Hand Voodoo Community Edition Setup


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